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Who We Are

Established in 1996, The Financial Regulator of Globally Issued Bonds (FRGIB) was founded with the vision of bringing greater transparency, stability, and integrity to the global bonds market. Our mission is to safeguard the interests of investors, ensure fair and efficient markets, and promote prudent conduct within the financial industry.

What We Do

Our core functions include setting regulatory standards, conducting surveillance of the markets, ensuring compliance, and taking enforcement actions where necessary. We also verify the issuance of global bonds to ensure accuracy, authenticity, and adherence to the set rules and standards.

Other Regulators

Cooperation and coordination with other regulatory authorities form a crucial part of our operations at The Financial Regulator of Globally Issued Bonds. Given the interconnected nature of today's global financial system, we frequently share information, coordinate our regulatory efforts, and collaborate on best practices with other financial regulators worldwide.

Contacting Us

Please visit our contacts page for a list of departments and contact details. You must ensure to send your enquiry to the appropriate department.

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With a commitment to ensuring stability, transparency, and integrity, we oversee and regulate the issuance, trading, and management of corporate bonds on a global scale.

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